Matteke Hutzler – Fifth Blog from Portugal – From Deep


As athletes, we’ve heard it all before. The power to succeed comes from what you believe. But how many of us are able to command that power within ourselves to believe we can succeed? I’m no life coach, but I have learned that you become what you believe, because you act out of what you believe is possible in your life.

The past two weekends, our team has believed – that we are better, stronger, smarter, faster. And guess what happened?… We went from 0-3 to 2-3. Our beliefs led us to hold the leading scorer in the league (averaging 31 PPG) to only 13 points – we beat them by 29. My beliefs led me to put up 16 points, while grabbing 9 rebounds in a game where I had handicapped myself the previous night by sawing my pinky finger on a can of tuna. And our team is only getting better, playing at home this weekend against a team that we can definitely extend our winning record against.

Your beliefs are patterns of thoughts. These thoughts, some of which you think without even consciously knowing you are thinking them, produce a psychological state, in which you hold something to be true or exist.  The more often you allow yourself to think these thoughts (positive or negative), the more you affirm them to be real and define yourself by them. And our beliefs become the rules we live by because our minds have such great power over us. Just think about it for a second… without our thoughts, how would we define our lives? Well, we wouldn’t be able to define anything because we wouldn’t have the ability to think about it!

The point is that your thoughts are YOU. And this is a profound lesson for anyone who is willing to allow their positive thoughts and energies to flow from them in a way that radiates greatness. Now, anyone can think, “I am the best basketball player in the world”. But what differentiates the averagely happy baller from the most successfully happy person in the world is how they put their thoughts into action. It’s an evolving process, but it starts by thinking you are “the best free throw shooter in the world” and affirming these thoughts are true by consciously and consistently telling yourself that that is who you are. With these thoughts in mind, you must also act as if you are the best free throw shooter in the world. When you get to the line, you tell your self, “I always go 10 for 10” or “I only shoot 100%”. And then you shoot like you are the best – with confidence and trust in yourself.

Transfer this thinking not only on the court, but in your life as well. Everything about our existence is energy. You carry an energy that you bring into the space in which you live. Weather positive or negative, the energy you give off is being mirrored back to you. Start accepting that you and your thoughts are responsible for what you get out of life, and you will be amazed at the results 🙂


P.S. Check out this great video if you need some help believing.