Andrew Wedemire – From the UWO to the UK

So this is my first blog from over here in Scotland. It has been a bit of a change getting use to the culture and everything else. Even though people here speak the same language as I do, it’s really like they are speaking a completely different one. The accent is the first thing you have to get use to, which makes the familiar language of English so hard to understand.

Another big difference from Canada is the weather – it always seems to be raining. It’s like I can’t even remember the last day when it was just sunny with no rain. But besides that, the basketball side of things has been going great!

I get along with all the guys on the team very well with the majority of the other players coming from the United States. It has been a transition from being one of the older guys to one of the younger players on the team. There is a significant different in age ranges on our team with the eldest being 35 to the younger development players being 18. They have me playing multiple positions, which I like very much as it allows me to show more parts of my game rather than just focusing on my post-up abilities.

We had our first trophy game yesterday against one of the better teams in the league Newcastle. It was a great experience to play in that game to just get use to the way the game is played over here and to adjust to the way the game is called by the refs. As you may know, we came up short and lost the first pre-season type of game to them. Our team put forth a great defensive effort, which makes it seem like we will be a very strong team at the defensive end of the floor. Our offense was performing well, but we just weren’t hitting shots, which as you know, can happen from time to time. But all in all it was a great learning experience and growing tool for us as a team to see where we stand early on in the season.

The season over here is split into three different sections. First are the ‘trophy’ games, which are for bragging rights over other teams. Then, is the ‘cup’ part of the season, where you play some teams from outside conferences. Finally, are the championship games, which is the regular season that leads to who wins the league.  The season progresses in that order and finishes up in early to mid may. The season is a bit longer then the college season as we play 30 something games in that time.

That’s all I have for now. I will keep u posted on the further progressions of the team and myself.