About Slan Sports Management


SSM’s management style is unlike that of any other company. We pay attention to the details of an athlete’s career. SSM works with our athletes to carefully craft a five-year career plan. By identifying our athletes’ long- term goals we will help steer them on the path to success, day-by-day, month-by-month and year-by-year.

The business of sports is changing; athletes need managers looking out for their best interests at the present time while also looking one step ahead.


Slan Sports Management understands the needs of professional organizations.

Teams may need some or all of the following from their prospective players:

  • Fits into their budget
  • Fits into their system
  • Scorer
  • Rebounder
  • Controls the tempo
  • Pushes the ball
  • Plays with their back to the basket
  • Plays multiple positions
  • On ball defender
  • Weak side defender
  • Bosman/Import

SSM recognizes the uniqueness of each team’s requirements, and along with our partners around the world, will help your organization find the right player to fill your specific needs.


SSM is in discussions with professional teams in Canada, U.S. and Europe on a daily basis.   SSM can help your business reach your target market by developing tailored strategies aligned with your firms’ marketing objectives to maximize your return on investment.